Front-opening counters

SITEC produces front-opening trays and pass-throughs for a wide variety of applications. Our trays are used in gatehouses, petrol station shops, disposal companies, banks, cash offices and in industry.

In this section you will find trays which can be installed into a facade or partition wall. A front-opening tray is flush with the facade when closed. The tray is pushed forward out of the facade to serve the customer. Front-opening trays are primarily used outdoors. Of course we also supply our SITEC Delta 2.0 intercom, completing the system and to ensure optimum communication between your staff and customers.

We manufacture front-opening trays up to the highest security classifications for bullet-, break-in, and fire-resistance. We can also provide gas-tight trays. In addition to the standard trays shown here, SITEC also manufactures special designs to your requirements. Please ask for details.


Products - Overview

Front-Opening Counter P7080
Front-Opening Counter P7090
Front-Opening Counter P7091
Front-Opening Counter P7097
Front-Opening Counter P7195
Front-Opening Counter P7196