The police your friend and helper – that’s not how some people see it anymore.The increasing loss of respect for state authority means that police headquarters and their officials are increasingly subject to attacks and threats of violence. It’s time to act! With our proven security products, you protect officials when handing over documents and items.


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Counter elements

With our counter elements, you offer your officials triple protection when handing over documents and items. The bulletproof glazing serves as a protective shield for police officers in the event of an armed attack on the Presidium. Thanks to the integrated transfer tray, documents or objects can be safely transferred without direct contact, as the transfer tray can never be opened to both sides at the same time. Our Delta 2.0 intercom is used for contactless and secure communication between the visitor and staff areas. These three components ensure a safe all-round protection during the transfer of documents or objects.

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Transfer trays

Would you like a simpler solution for handing over documents or items? Our transfer trays can also be purchased individually. These products are installed in an existing countertop. They have one or more money carriages that can be mechanically pushed back and forth between the visitor and operator sides. The glazing installed above the hollow on-site or installed by SITEC for your safety separates the safe from the unsafe area. Our transfer trays enable easy and safe operation of visitors.

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