The fastest and most popular way to travel a long distance and reach your destination is and remains the aeroplane. At an airport, a large number of people come together every day in a limited space. It is easy to lose sight of the big picture. But in times of terrorism, the protection and safety of travellers, as well as staff, must be paramount. Our innovative security solutions can be optimally adapted to the security requirements of the different areas in the airport and thus enrich your overall security concept.


Products in use

Round locks

Whether the employee in the duty-free shop or the captain of the plane – different employees have access to different security areas of the airport. To get from one area to another, the staff has to undergo a security check. Our circular airlocks combine elegant design with the highest security standards. The products have an integrated technique for separating people so that a second person is prevented from passing through. Optionally, the airlocks can also be equipped with a metal detector, which is inconspicuously attached to the outer door. This allows employees to be checked for metallic objects. In this way, our circular airlocks only grant authorised persons access to the various security areas so that unauthorised access can be efficiently avoided.




Sensor Barriers

Do you want simple but reliable separation of the flow of visitors despite high throughput frequency? Then our sensor barriers are exactly what you need. These interlocks can be used in 1-directional as well as in 2-directional operation. In the basic state, two glass leaves close the free passage. In the event of authorisation, the glass leaves open and safe passage is possible. Since employees and passengers have different access authorisations within the airport building, the interlocks can also be equipped with an attached reading system so that authorised access is only guaranteed for personnel.


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Pivot doors

A potential hazard at the airport is the large number of people, especially before boarding or between the terminals. With our pivot doors, you can direct large flows of people efficiently. These products guarantee comfortable passage, both with large pieces of luggage and with prams or wheelchairs. In the basic state, the doors are locked and are only released after receiving a signal in the direction of travel. This ideally regulates the flow of passengers and prevents congestion. With our swing doors you can optimally supplement your safety concept.


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