Jewellers and bullion dealers

Elaborately crafted pieces of jewellery, bracelets adorned with diamonds and valuable watches – where all that glitters is gold, the need for protection of employees and goods plays a decisive role. Jewellers and gold dealers often fall victim to burglaries and robberies due to the attractiveness of their goods. However, many of these shops are still not sufficiently protected despite this danger. If you want to protect your staff and material assets, we offer you innovative security solutions that are optimally tailored to the premises of a jeweller and bullion dealer.


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Jewellers and bullion dealers do not keep all their goods in the showcases of the salesroom. Therefore, it needs a highly secure barrier between the sales room and the shop's security area – and our Personnel Lock AXXES offers you a solution for this! The built-in fingerprint recognition inside ensures that only authorised persons gain access to the protected personnel area. The integrated tamper-proof weighing sensor system also prevents another person from getting through. That way AXXES offers you controlled and protected access so that your employees and also material assets are optimally protected.


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Security Counters

You would like to offer your customers personal advice and service, but are concerned that this is not possible due to a security device? Our security counters are the perfect solution! The integrated bullet-proof glass or steel plates are normally recessed in the counter and thus invisible to your customers. Personal operation at the open counter is thus possible. In the event of a robbery, the employee triggers the security device and the steel plates or bullet-proof glazing spring upwards in a fraction of a second and lock the counter. Now the employee has time to notify the police. Our security counters offer you maximum security while providing personal advice to your customers.


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Transfer Trays

Our transfer trays are a simple solution for secure handover of jewellery or even cash. The sliding trays are mechanically operated products that are installed in a counter top. The glazing fitted above the tray by the customer or by SITEC for your security separates the secure area from the non-secure area. Inside the trays are one or more payment trolleys which can be moved back and forth from the customer side to the staff side. Both sides of the transfer tray are never open at the same time, so that in the event of an armed robbery, a bullet getting through these trays is prevented. Protect your employees with a contactless and secure transfer of items and cash!


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