Employment agencies

With an axe to the job centre – that was the headline in the Tagesspiegel. Unfortunately such headlines are not uncommon. Again and again there are attacks on employees of the employment office. The motives are mainly of a personal nature, as the perpetrators have had applications not approved or benefits reduced. Protect your employees from such attacks with our proven security products.


Products in use

Counter Elements

The counter windows consisting of three components offer your employees secure all-round protection. The bullet-resistant glazing is a reliable protective shield for your employees, especially in the event of armed robberies. The integrated sliding recess facilitates the secure handover of documents or objects, and our Delta 2.0 intercom system ensures contactless and secure communication between the staff and visitor areas. By combining these three components, you can offer your employees secure contact with visitors, making your daily work easier.


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Transfer Trays

Our transfer trays offer a safe and simple solution for the transfer of documents. These trays, which are built into a counter provided by the customer, have one or more payment trolleys that can be mechanically pushed back and forth between the staff and visitor sides. The glazing installed above the tray, either by the customer or by SITEC for your safety, creates a separation between the safe and unsafe areas. In this way, our sliding troughs enable visitors to be served and advised in a friendly manner, while at the same time protecting staff when handing over documents.


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Transfer trays for facades

Another possibility to hand over documents or objects securely and without contact, even in protected outdoor areas, is offered by our facade counters. Unlike the transfer trays, these are not recessed into a counter, but built into a wall, with which they are flush when closed. To hand over documents and objects, the employee pushes the trolley to the visitor's side by hand or electrically at the push of a button. For contactless and secure communication, the front-opening counter can optionally be equipped with our Delta 2.0 intercom system. This allows for friendly but at the same time secure service and advice to visitors. Equip your office with our transfer trays for facades to protect your employees from possible assaults.


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