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Documents, goods or cash always have to be exchanged between the safe and unsafe side of a partition wall. To ensure that you remain safe during this transfer process, SITEC has developed a variety of transfer systems for different use cases such as cash and receipt traffic, folders or suitcases and installation situations such as counters, facades or doors.


Pass-Throughs are inserted into or fixed to a counter top. A glass element mounted above it separates the safe and unsafe areas.


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Transfer Trays

Transfer trays are mechanical products for an installation in counter tops. As a glass element mounted above it separates safe and unsafe areas. One or more payment carriages located in the housing of the transfer trays are moved back and forth between the safe and unsafe sides. Thereby transfer trays offer a particularly safe transfer option and also a protection against gunshots.


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Front-opening counters

Unlike the pass-throughs and transfer trays, front-opening counters are not recessed into a counter but built into a wall. The payment carriage is pushed back and forth between the safe and unsafe sides, as with the transfer trays. On the insecure outside area the payment carriage moves out of the wall accordingly. Front-opening counters are mainly used as night counters in petrol stations or gatehouses.


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Material and container locks

If larger objects have to be transferred safely, material and container locks installed close to the floor are best suitable for this purpose. They consist of two doors with a connecting tunnel. At least one of the two doors are always locked, to ensure that the operator remains always protected. The door on the insecure outside area can only be opened after release by the operator. After the good e.g. a money box has been placed in the lock, the outer door is closed, locked and the inner door can be opened for removal.


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Pass-throughs for doors

Compact Secure Slimline pass-throughs are particularly suitable for an installation in doors. If required, these can be lifted up and used as a transfer option, but do not obstruct the function of the door when folded in.


To secure slimline pass-throughs

Disinfection systems

It is not only possible acts of violence that cause a security risk. The transmission of pathogens such as bacteria or viruses is also a threat. In the course of the Corona crisis we developed the first transfer tray with a built-in disinfection system – eos® transfer tray P7810. 

Transferred goods, documents and cash are invisibly freed of pathogens by UV-C light when changing from hand to hand.

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