eos® Transfer Tray P7810
with UV-C disinfection

eos® Transfer Tray P7810 is a modern UV transfer tray for hygienic handover of items. Its compact lightweight design makes it extremely flexible and easy to place on counters or other suitable locations. No installation required. The handover process takes only seconds, with approximately all viruses and bacteria eliminated by the highly efficient UV lamps. The intensity of the cleaning process is adjustable. Integrated security systems ensure safe operation that is not harmful to health.


Advantages for operator

  • Lightweight design for flexible placement
  • No installation required (Plug & Play)
  • Cleaning and handover process in less than 10 seconds
  • Eliminates approximately all viruses and bacteria
  • Added value for operators and customers through safe and hygienic handover process
  • Cost reduction due to reduced use of disinfectants
  • Fewer employee absences due to illness as a result of lower risk of infection
  • Highest security standards for operators and customers
  • 360° UV radiation and cleaning
  • No use of chemicals
  • Flexibly adjustable disinfection rate

Method of operation

Application fields Pharmacies, medical institution, medical praxtices, departments
Feature UV-C disinfection
Outer dimensions Width 560 mm, Height 280 mm, Depth 330 mm
Pass-through size Tray Width x Height x Depth = 373 x 68 x 225 mm
Installation Interior, tabletop version
Version Hygienic design, minimal dirt absorption of the frame, easy cleaning

More information / Downloads

Flyer eos® P7810
Operation manual for eos® P7810
Product sheet for eos® P7810
Data sheet for eos® P7810