Data centers

It is not only tangible assets that are worthy of protection, but also important electronic data must be protected today. Data centers are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality and availability of their customers' data stored on servers. This applies not only to the area of cyber security, but also to the physical security of the data. With our innovative security products, you can meet the increasing security requirements for data centers and give your customers a secure feeling when transmitting their data.


Products in use


Do you want to allow only authorized persons access to certain security areas, such as the server room? Our AXXES lock for personnel offers you the solution! The built-in fingerprint recognition inside the lock ensures that only authorised persons have access to the secure area of your data center. In addition, the product is equipped with tamper-proof weighing sensors that prevent the passage of another person. The AXXES thus offers you controlled access to security areas, so that your customers' data is optimally protected.


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Door and partition wall system

Our door and partition system serves to secure entrance areas or workrooms. The P2001 system is a post-lock construction consisting of a solid steel base construction with aluminum cover shells. With this system, we can meet almost all security requirements, such as burglar and fire prevention or fire protection. Of course, combinations of these requirements are also possible. We are happy to take over the entire planning for you – from consulting, to manufacturing and assembly. Please contact us!

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