The money is not lying on the street as proverbially assumed, but is stored well secured in the various credit institutions. This is incentive enough for some people to attempt to appropriate this money. The robberies of banks are usually accompanied by heavily armed perpetrators and also hostage-taking of the employees. Reason enough to do something about it. With our innovative security solutions, you can protect your employees in their daily work, whether they are handing over documents and cash or advising and supporting customers.


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Counter elements

Our counter windows are a highly secure barrier between the customer and employee sides. They offer the best possible protection for your employees through three different components. The bullet-resistant glazing serves as a protective shield for your employees in the event of an armed robbery, which the perpetrator cannot overcome so quickly. The integrated pass-through guarantees your employees protection when handing over documents and cash. The perpetrator won't be able to shoot through, even if the pass-through is open. The third component is our Delta 2.0 intercom system, which ensures secure and contactless communication between the two sides, so you can give your customers the best possible advice, despite the security device. With our counter elements, you offer your employees secure all-round protection.

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Transfer trays

By using transfer trays, you can protect your employees when handing over documents and cash. Transfer trays contain one or more payment carts that can be slid back and forth between the employee side and the customer side. This means that both sides can never be open at the same time, thus preventing a bullet from passing through in the event of an armed robbery. With our transfer trays, you ensure your employees can serve customers easily and without contact, while at the same time providing protection in everyday operations.

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