SITEC develops and produces security products that are tested and certified in accordance with the latest international security guidelines: Burglar, bullet and fire resistant. Our security specialists are constantly striving to provide security from a single source, adapted to the customer's wishes and respective security requirements.

Pass-through systems

SITEC creates connections — documents, goods or cash always have to be exchanged between the secure and insecure sides of a partition. To ensure that you are always protected during this handover process, we have developed a variety of handover systems for different applications such as cash and document traffic, files and cases, as well as for different installation situations such as counters, facades or doors.


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Complete systems

SITEC produces complete, ready-to-install counter windows and money transfer systems for a wide range of applications. These complete systems consist of a pass-through system and security pane installed above it in a steel frame together with our Delta 2.0 intercom. As these elements have been tested as complete systems, you save yourself any official approvals that may be necessary.


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Intercom Systems

For glazed counter installations or for areas separated from each other, a good speech connection between the employee and his customer or visitor is of utmost importance. The DELTA 2.0 counter intercom system, specially developed in cooperation with German authorities, enables a clear voice connection with suppressed sound feedback.


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Security Counters

Security counters are special secure counters for open customer contact without disturbing bullet-proof glass. In the event of a threat, such as a robbery, the counter is secured in a fraction of a second by a snap-out partition, so your staff remain protected in the safe area.


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Doors and Partition Wall Systems

From planning to production, delivery and assembly, we realise your project. With our profile systems, we can meet all current security requirements such as burglary and bullet resistance or fire protection. We use profile systems from Forster as well as our own profile system SITEC P2001 for the highest security requirements.


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Locks for Personnel

SITEC produces security interlocks for the controlled access of people into security areas. For various requirements, SITEC interlocks can be controlled manually by a gatekeeper or equipped with sensors such as metal detectors.

With SITEC AXXES we offer a fully automatic interlock solution including biometric recognition of persons and access separation.

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Turnstiles control the flow of people. They are used in e.g. industrial and administrative buildings, banks, local authorities and other public institutions. Turnstiles also control access, to ensure only one person at a time can pass through. This, together with e.g. a card reader system, prevents unauthorised access. We can offer various different types of turnstile, depending on your requirements.

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City Mobiliar

Timelessly modern, robust and ergonomic, our products fulfil the growing requirements for street furniture. We attach great importance to always evaluating our products during product development from the perspective of cities and municipalities and from the perspective of customers/users, thus taking both parties into account.  

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