Sprechanlage Delta 2.0

Our Delta 2.0 intercom has been specially designed for glassed counters, where trouble-free communication between the inside and the outside is required. It offers a combination of modern, innovative design and easy installation and operation. For the employee side, a control panel with power supply and a main station is required. Depending on the installation situation, you can choose the components for the customer side individually. We will be happy to advise you!



Easy installation of the intercom, for which no specialist knowledge is required. All components are supplied ready for plug-in. Adjustment of the system is not necessary.

Technical details

The latest digital signal processors ensure perfect communication even in difficult acoustic conditions. Internal and external volume levels can be set separately for all connected components and additionally for each auxiliary station.


Customer-side components

Our Delta 2.0 is designed for up to four components for the customer side. It is possible to choose between combined devices with loudspeaker and microphone in one or a single loudspeaker and a single microphone. The different models and more information about our intercom can be found in the product description.



In addition, you can choose from the following extras: Call-up system, headsets, modules for inductive speech transmission in hearing aids, extension cable.

More information / Download-files

Product description