Arrival centres for asylum seekers

Due to the increasing number of asylum seekers, more and more asylum and anchor centres have been established in recent years. In these centres, many people from different countries and with different religions come together. This harbours a high potential for conflict, also towards the staff. Attacks from outside directed against the refugees have unfortunately also increased dramatically. Give your employees a sense of security in their everyday working life by using our proven security products.


Products in use

Counter elements

Our counter windows offer your employees protection when handing over documents and objects. These complete systems consist of three different components. First, the bullet-resistant glazing, which provides a secure barrier between the secure and insecure areas. The other is the mechanically operated sliding tray. This can be used to move documents or objects back and forth between the staff and visitor sides. The integrated Delta 2.0 intercom system ensures contactless and interference-free communication between the two areas. By combining these three components, you can offer your staff a protected workspace.


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Transfer trays

If you would prefer to install something simpler, but still don't want to do without safety, then our transfer trays are just right for you. They are inserted into an existing counter and have one or more payment trolleys that can be mechanically pushed back and forth from the staff side to the visitor side. This allows your employees to hand over documents and objects safely. We can supply you with our transfer trays in the highest security classes in terms of bullet resistance and you will also find fire-retardant versions in our product range. We would be happy to advise you.


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Transfer trays for facades

Our facade counters also offer you the possibility to hand over documents or even larger objects securely and also in protected outdoor areas. Unlike the transfer trays, the front-opening counters are not recessed into a counter, but installed directly into a wall, with which they are flush when closed. Optionally, our transfer trays for facades can also be equipped with our Delta 2.0 intercom system, so that the customer's components are built directly into the counter's faceplate. This enables secure communication between the secure and non-secure areas.

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