Comprehensive security measures are standard not only in public buildings such as courts, prisons or public authorities. Industry, too, is increasingly relying on high-quality security for its entrance areas and security areas. Find the right product for your installation situation with our smart security solutions, so that access to your company building is also optimally secured. We will be happy to advise you!


Products in use

Round locks

Shouldn’t all employees have unrestricted access to the various security areas in your company building? Then our round locks are just the right solution for you! The locks combine an elegant design with a smart passenger isolation technology that prevents the passage of a second person. Optionally, the locks can also be equipped with a metal detector, which is attached discreetly to the external door. This allows employees to be checked for metallic objects. Our round locks allow only authorized groups of persons access to the security areas in your company building.

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Sensor Barriers & Person separation systems

Another way to secure your company building are our sensor barriers. These products can be used in 1-directional as well as 2-directional operation. In the basic condition, two glass wings close the free passageway. Since employees from different departments or visitors to your company have different access rights, these locks can also be equipped with a reading system so that authorized access can only be guaranteed for staff.

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Motorized Gates

Especially during the breaks or after work, there is a lively coming and going. With our motorized gates you can efficiently manage large flows of people. These products guarantee a comfortable passage and are also suitable for wheelchair users. In the basic state, the swing doors are locked and are only released after receiving a signal in the direction of travel. This optimally regulates the flow of people and prevents traffic jams. With our swing doors you can optimally complement your safety concept

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