Filling stations

It is repeatedly in the news – robberies at petrol stations are not uncommon. The perpetrators, some of them heavily armed, are after the cash or material assets, and the shop assistants feel increasingly exposed to this. They are especially afraid to serve customers after dark and during the night shift. However, you can do something about this. Protect your employees with our proven security products!


Night desk

Statistically, most robberies at petrol stations occur in the late evening hours. Our front opening counters offer the advantage that customers can still be served – even without direct contact. With the help of our integrated intercom system, secure and contactless communication is also guaranteed. With our counter systems, you can optimally protect your employees at any time of day or night.


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Security Counters

You would like to offer your customers a customer-friendly and personal service despite the security device? Then our security counters are the right choice for you. They are equipped with a steel plate or bullet-proof glass that is recessed into the counter and thus invisible to both customers and perpetrators. In the event of a robbery, the employee triggers the security device and is protected in just a fraction of a second. Give your employees a feeling of safety at work again with our security counters.


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