Dachau District Court 2012: After the sentence of one year's probation was pronounced, the defendant pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the prosecutor. He was hit three times and died. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. According to the judicial authority, assaults in courthouses have greatly increased. With our proven security products, you can protect your entrance and security areas perfectly, so that no prohibited objects can be smuggled in. Protect your employees, visitors and everyone involved in the process.


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Door Interlocks for Personnel

The entrance to a courthouse is probably the most protected zone. Prohibited objects can be discovered here before they even enter the building. But even in staff entrances or certain security areas, access should only be granted to authorised persons. With our personal interlocks, you are on the safe side. The built-in tamper-proof weighing sensors prevent the passage of additional persons. For access to security areas, there are personal interlocks that are equipped with fingerprint recognition so that only authorised groups of people can gain access. Optionally, these products can also be equipped with a metal detector, so visitors can be checked for weapons and metallic objects. Give your employees and visitors to the justice buildings a sense of security again with our personal interlocks.

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Counter elements

You want to protect your employees when handing over objects or documents? Our counter windows offer you triple protection. The bullet-resistant glazing provides your employees with the best possible protection in the event of an armed robbery and the integrated pass-through can also prevent a bullet from passing through, even when the trough is open, as both sides are never open at the same time. Our Delta 2.0 intercom provides contactless and secure communication between the secure and non-secure areas. These three components ensure optimal all-round protection when handing over objects, while at the same time providing customer-friendly service.

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