The fact that military buildings are usually occupied by heavily armed soldiers does not deter some people from intending to enter and carry out attacks. For this reason, barracks should not abandon sufficient protective measures to ensure the best possible protection of the building and also of the employees. Our innovative security products ensure that soldiers are optimally protected when handling visitors and handing over documents.


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Counter Elements

Our counter elements offer you triple protection as complete elements. The bulletproof glazing acts as a protective barrier between the staff and visitors area in the event of attacks on the barracks. Secure transfer of documents can be ensured by the integrated tranfer tray, which can never be open on both sides at the same time. Our Delta 2.0 intercom ensures trouble-free and secure communication between the two areas and enables a personal support and service of the visitors. By combining these three components, you can offer your soldiers a safe all-round protection.


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Transfer trays

Are you looking for a simple solution for your barracks to protect soldiers when handing over documents? Then our sliding troughs are just right for you! These mechanically operated devices are installed in a countertop. The glazing installed above the transfer tray on-site or installed by SITEC separates the safe area from the unsafe area. Inside the transfer tray there are one or more money carriages that can be pushed back and forth from the staff side to the visitors side without both sides being open at the same time. Of course, our Delta 2.0 intercom can also be purchased in addition to our transfer trays, so that contactless and secure communication between the two areas can be guaranteed. Just ask!


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