Transfer trays

SITEC produces transfer trays for a wide variety of applications. Our trays are used e.g. in gatehouses, petrol station shops, banks, currency exchanges, at military sites and in industry.

We manufacture transfer trays up to the highest security classifications for bullet- and burglary resistance and some models in a fire resistant version.

In addition the the standard devices shown here, SITEC also produces special devices to your requirements and specifications. Please feel free to ask for this.

Of course, we also supply the appropriate SITEC Delta 2.0 intercom system to enable customer-friendly communication between operator and customer.

Products - Overview

Transfer Tray P7010
Transfer Tray P7013
Transfer Tray P7020
Transfer Tray P7025
Transfer Tray P7028
Transfer Tray P7030
Transfer Tray P7031
Transfer Tray P7032
Transfer Tray P7036
Transfer Tray P7038