Transfer tray P7013

This transfer tray is suitable for flush built-in into cash desks and is equipped with two counter-moving money carriages. It is intended for indoor use and roofed outdoor use in banks, porters’ offices and other cash areas, where money and objects are to be easily and quickly interchanged at the same time.



P7010 corresponds to the Accident Prevention Regulations of the German Administrative Professional Association BGV C9 (UVV-Kassen).



The unit is operated manually. The upper money carriage and the lower carriage move in counter directions and lock in their end positions. Unlocking is possible by pushing the slide control.

Construction and execution

Robust steel construction with long-living and maintenance-free mechanics. Upper carriage made of impact-resistant plastic. Cover frame and carriages with abrasion-resistant structure lacquering (RAL 9005, Jet black).


The unit can be inserted from above into the prepared cut-out of the counter. The edges of the frame cover the cut-out. In order to build in the unit completely flush with the counter, the desk plate can be milled.

The unit has to be supported by e.g. consoles to make sure that the whole weight does not burden on the cover frame. It should be also possible to dismantle the unit in case of later repairs and maintenance work will be necessary.

Intercom system

We recommend our intercom system Delta 2.0 to allow customer-friendly communication between operator and customer.

Application fields Banks, late-night counters, porter's and reception desks
Installation Indoors, into counter desk, central to glazing
Outer dimensions width 476 mm, height 167 mm, depth 642 mm
Pass-through size Upper tray width x height x depth = 270 x 30 x 225 mm Lower tray width x height x depth = 298 x 86 x 286 mm
Version Lacquered finish in RAL 9005 jet black or cover frame in stainless-steel
Security BGV C 9 (German UVV-Kassen)

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