Roulette, blackjack or poker - gambling captivates many people. But some of them no longer rely on finding luck at the roulette table, but try to get their hands on fast money by robbing casinos. Unfortunately, these events are not uncommon. Protect your employees from such attacks with our wide range of innovative security products.


Products in use

Security Counters

Our security counters offer your employees optimum protection in just 0.4 seconds! If a perpetrator enters the casino and wants to rob it, the employee simply triggers the security device. In a fraction of a second, an armoured glass or steel plate shoots up and locks the counter. This bullet-resistant barrier is difficult for the perpetrator to overcome and the employee can notify the police. Expand your security concept with our security counters and offer your employees optimum protection in the event of armed robbery so that they can feel safe at their workplace.

Counter element with intercom

With our counter elements, your employees are optimally protected when dispensing tokens or cash without losing personal contact with the customer. The bullet-resistant glazing acts as a protective shield for your employees in the event of an armed robbery. Due to the integrated pass-through, no bullet can get through even if the trough is open, as it is never open on both sides at the same time. Our Delta 2.0 intercom system ensures trouble-free and secure communication between the two areas and enables personal advice and customer care. Offer your employees secure all-round protection with our counter windows.

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