Pawn shops

Money for gold – that is the motto of pawn shops. Anyone who wants to quickly overcome a financial bottleneck has the opportunity to obtain a loan at a pawn shop. The pawn that is deposited can be very different, from antiques to jewellery to electrical appliances. Many valuable items are being stored, which is why these shops often fall victim to robberies or burglaries. Upgrade your equipment and protect your employees as well as the material assets with our security products:


Products in use

Transfer Trays

You want to protect your employees when handing over cash or jewellery? Then you're right on the mark with our transfer trays. These products are designed for installation in an existing counter top. With one or more integrated payment trolleys, the goods can be conveniently pushed back and forth from the staff side to the customer side. The glazing above, either provided by the customer or installed by SITEC for your safety, separates the safe from the unsafe area. We can supply our transfer trays in the highest security classes in terms of bullet resistance, but you will also find fire-retardant versions in our product range. Just send as a request and protect your employees when handing over cash and objects.


To the Products


Our Delta 2.0 intercom provides secure and contactless communication between the secure and non-secure areas. In combination with our transfer trays it enables customer-friendly service and advice when handing over documents or cash. You have a wide choice of customer-facing components, so the right unit can be found for any installation situation. Our intercom is delivered ready to plug in, which is why it can be put into operation immediately according to the plug&play principle. This way, you can offer your customers a pleasant service and advice – while at the same time being optimally protected against assaults.