Embassy and government buildings

Embassy and government buildings are subject to special protection rights under international law, which state that the building may not be entered or searched without consent. However, attacks on these buildings are increasingly frequent, whether by the population in the course of uprisings and demonstrations or through attacks. With our proven safety products, you can protect your employees and create a safe working environment.


Products in use

Visa counter

Our VISA counters are specially designed for installation in embassy and government buildings. This complete element consists of a mounting frame with glazing in the bullet-resistance class BR4-NS, a table top in multiplex birch plastic coated and the transfer tray P7032 FB4 in the stainless steel version. Alternatively, the counter can also be equipped with accessories such as our Delta 2.0 intercom, shelves, partitions or a lighting element. Provide your employees with optimal protection when handing over passports and documents.


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Door and partition wall system

Our door and partition system P2001 combines stylish design with highly efficient protection against attacks. The smart system serves to secure entrance areas and workrooms. The post-lock construction consists of a solid steel base construction with aluminium cover shells, which we can manufacture for you in almost all safety requirements, such as burglar, bullet and fire protection. Of course, combinations of these are also possible. With us, you get everything from a single source – from consulting and production to assembly. Just ask us!

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