Security Partition Walls – System P2001


Universal mullion-transom system with extremely narrow, consistant visible width of only 76 mm for mullions and transoms, across all requirements. Optically variable through cover shells made of aluminium with the corresponding surfaces, also veneered possible. Extremely flexible design due to maximum possible glass areas of the overall construction. Available in MONO for indoor use and in ISO stainless steel version for protected outdoor use, each can be combined with EI30.



Door and Partition Wall Systems for interior and sheltered exterior use where there are elevated requirements for resistance to break-in, bullet and fire resistance for

  • National and Central Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Embassies and Consulates 
  • Police and Court Buildings (law courts, prisons, etc.)
  • General cash office and high-risk areas


  • RC 2 / DIN V ENV 1627 
  • RC 3 / DIN V ENV 1627 
  • RC 4 / DIN V ENV 1627


  • BVG C 9 (German UVV-Kassen)
  • FB 4 - NS / DIN EN 1522  
  • FB 6 - NS / DIN EN 1522
  • FB 7 - NS / DIN EN 1522


(with individual approval) EI 30 / DIN 13501 – General approval of building authorities in preparation

Bullet resistance up to FB 7 with bullet-proof glass up to BR 7 NS or panel infills
Burglar resistance up to RC 4 with bullet-proof glass up to P7B or panel infills
Fire resistance EI 30 Combinations of the different requirements are possible - pls. let us have your inquiry!
Version with or without cross-bar, powder-coated
Standard sizes 500 x 2.150 (or height 2.500 mm) 750 x 2.150 (or height 2.500 mm) 1.000 x 2.150 (or height 2.500 mm) 1.250 x 2.150 (or height 2.500 mm)-other dimensions or requirements on request-

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