Visa counter

Construction and execution

This complete unit is mainly used as a visa counter in consulates, embassies and official buildings and has been developed in accordance with BBR standards (Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung – the German Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning).


The visa counter is for use indoors, and is designed for installation into a wall. The counter is completely ready to install with an installation frame, glazing, counter surface and transfer tray. We also, of course, manufacture accessories for the counter, such as e.g. the Delta 2.0 intercom, counter units, shelving and partition walls.

Visa counter

Bullet resistance class FB 4 / BR 4 – NS with test certificate for the whole unit to FB 4 completely ready to install, consisting of:


  • Installation frame, glazing BR 4 – NS
  • Plastic-coated desktop in multiplex birch with visible, varnished edges
  • P7032 FB 4 transfer tray, in stainless steel
  • Lighting
Application fields Embassies, consulates, counters and porter's lodges
Installation in completely plastered wall
Wall opening width x height x depth = 1.170 x 1.610 x variable mm
Pass-through size width x height x depth = 380 x 85 x 274 mm
Version Transfer Tray with stainless-steel cover, plastic-coated desktop in multiplex birch, all visible parts in Sikkens color collection 3031, grey
Bullet resistance FB 4, glass in BR 4 -NS (DIN EN 1522)

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