Security counter P3300

Construction and execution

When new buildings and conversions are planned these days, great emphasis is placed on being customer‐friendly and on personal contact. The design of the fittings plays a very important part in this, of course. SITEC security counters integrated into the ser‐ vice area combine customer friendliness and design with the employees’ wish to be safe.



in just 0,4 seconds! A fast rising strengthened glazing up to bullet-resistance class BR4-NS, provides quick security for employees in the event of a robbery. Even if the compressor fails, there is a pressur‐ ised air reserve to ensure that the unit can be activated once or twice more. According to the specifications to the Administrative Professional Cooperative (German UVV-Kassen) when closing the security counter in the upper area a force reduction to 150N is achieved.


Construction and execution

The drive and control elements are mounted in the lower part of the security counter. The frame and the slot cover are painted in RAL 9001 cream white. The glass safety counter is only available as a standing version.

Activation and control panel

The security counter can be activated through foot strip, remote, additional button and money clip. The control panel clearly indicates the status of the unit by a number of green and red illumi‐ nated diodes. Die Auslöseelemente werden überwacht. The controllers are automatically checked. If a controller or a cable is faulty, this is shown on the control panel. Monitoring of air pressure, battery condition and power supply is always guaranteed.

Application fields banks, petrol stations, embassies, post offices, financial institutions, porter's desks, authorities, police stations, casinos, deposit houses
Installation into desks with a minimum height of 1.050 mm
Outer dimensions height 2.000 mm, width from 1.300 mm to 2.500 mm
Standard Steel frame lacquered in RAL 9001 cream white, other RAL-colours on request
Bullet resistance German UVV-Kassen, armour-proof glass BR3-NS or BR4-NS (polycarbonate)

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