Automatic sliding door RC3 – System P2001

Our automatic sliding doors have been designed for the entrance areas of buildings (banks, embassies, industrial enterprises, etc.), with very high security requirements. Special Feature: The doors close and lock each time after opening and are therefore fully in accordance with the high level of break-in and burglar resistance in RC 3, as per DIN V ENV 1627.




Entrance areas in public buildings with elevated security requirementst, like courthouses and police stations, embassies and consulates as well as general cash office and high-risk areas


One- or two-leaf, glazed sliding door system with an inside door width of up to 1.500 mm for onewing and up to 3.000 mm for double-wing execution and for an inside height of up to 3.000 mm.


Aluminium-steel frame design with a facing width of only 76 mm. Therefore particularly suitable for connecting partition wall and façade systems with elevated protection specifications. The door system is ideally suited for combination with the SITEC P2001 vertical and horizontal stanchion system.

The components can also be fitted with specialised profiles or closed panels. Our sliding door system can also be supplied in a thermally-insulated design with insulated glazing, and also anti-bandit in resistance class P6B to DIN EN 356.



RC 3, tested to DIN V ENV 1627 – please ask if you require a copy of our test certificate. Lower security classification RC 2 with glazing to P 4A also available.


Our sliding door sytem can also be supplied in a bullet-resistant design.

Burglar resistance Resistance class RC 3, tested to DIN V ENV 1627
Glazing insulated glazing, anti-bandit according to DIN EN 356, resistance class P6B
Version one- or two leaf, Cover profiles powder-coated Facing width of only 76 mm, thus ideally suited for combination with SITEC P2001 vertical and horizontal stanchion system
Standard sizes Pass-through width up to 1.500 mm (one-wing) and up to 3.000 mm (double-wing execution) Pass-through height up to 3.000 mm – Different sizes and executions possible - Please let us have your inquiry!