Front-opening counter P7091

with Delta 2.0 intercom system

This electrically operated unit was developed specially for petrol stations, but can also be used as a drive-in counter at banks, pharmacies and weighbridges. The design of the front-opening counter allows it to be installed under the interior work surface. The carriage slides under the work surface towards the cashier, so that it doesn’t require an opening on top – and this area can therefore be used for operator devices, keypads, tills, etc. Larger objects, such as petrol or oil canisters, can also be passed through the carriage.



The P7091 corresponds to the BGV C9 (UVV-Kassen – German Administrative Body) accident prevention regulations of the Institute for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention in the Administrative Sector. The front-opening counter is equipped with a special safety switch. If the carriage hits an obstacle, or the customer puts his hand between the carriage and flap when the carriage is being retracted, the unit immediately moves in the opposite direction, to prevent injuries.


The unit is electrically operated. The operating keypad for the unit is found on the cashier side, to the right, near the inside flap. When switched on, the tray can be moved to the inside or outside by pressing a button. When the system is switched off, the tray automatically returns to a rest position – the inside and outside flaps are locked.

Emergency manual operation

The drive-in counter can be operated manually in the event of a power cut or faults.

Construction and execution

Robust steel design with long-lasting structural lacquer finish. The payment tray, as well as all parts visible from the cashier side, are finished in RAL 9005, deep black. The front facing is made of brushed stainless steel as standard. The base of the tray is covered with a ribbed rubber mat.

Intercom system

A complete, ready to plug-in, wired-in Delta 2.0 intercom is integrated into the front-opening counter. A desktop main control (cashier side) is supplied as standard.


The unit is pushed into the prepared aperture from the outside and is screwed in under the worktop on the cashier side. A strong supporting bracket should be installed by the operator. A 230 volt mains socket is required directly beside the unit, to connect the unit and the Delta 2.0 intercom. Allowance should be made for future removal of the unit, in case maintenance or repairs are required.

Application fields especially petrol stations, but also for banks and for the issue of material
Installation Flush-mounted, into partition wall or facing, below the counter desk at the inside. Thus no counter opening for the ooperation is needed which saves space for other control panels or cash boxes
Wall opening width x height = 810 x 245 mm
Pass-through size width x height x depth = 310 x 140 x 325 mm
Version Front cover stainless steel, inner visible parts in RAL 9005 black

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