Front-opening counter P7097

This unit was designed for the flush built-in into the front or partition walls. It is for in- as well as for outdoor use in porters‘ lodges, prisons, embassies and customs offices.



P7097 is available in bulletproof classification FB4 up to FB 7 as well as in fire-resistant execution. On request we send you the respective test certificate.


The unit is operated manually. Only after closing the inner cover plate, the carriage can be moved to the outside. It locks in both end positions.

Tray and inner cover plate are interlocked which guarantees the bullet-resistance and at the same time prevents from unauthorized grasping in and draught at the workplace.

Construction and execution

Solid, lacquered steel construction. Front cover, inner cover plate as well as draught slide are lacquered in RAL 9006 (white aluminium) as standard version


From the outside, the unit is inserted into the prepared wallopening. From above the inner cover plate of the counter is set into the cut-out of the desk and bolt together with the unit. In any case, the unit needs to be appropriately supported to make sure that the counter does not bear the whole weight. It should be also possible to dismantle the unit in case of later repairs and maintenance work will become necessary.

Intercom system

We recommend our intercom system Delta 2.0 to allow customer-friendly communication between operator and customer.

Application fields Banks, prisons, embassies, courts, customs
Installation Flush-mounted into partition wall or facing
Outer dimensions P7097 w x h x d = 630 x 165 x 630 mm P7097 Delta 2.0: w x h x d = 920 x 165 x 630 mm P7097 File Delta 2.0: w x h x p = 920 x 235 x 700 mm
Pass-through size P7097: w x h x d = 330 x 30 x 235 mm P7097 File: w x h x d = 330 x 100 x345 mm
Version Outer blind and inner covers in RAL 9006 white aluminium, tray in stainless steel, casing RAL 9005 black. Other RAL-colours or blind in stainless steel on request
Bullet resistance FB 4 - NS / FB 6 - NS / FB 7 - NS according to DIN EN 1522

More information / Download-files

Product description front-opening counter P7097
Product description front-opening counter P7097 F (file) Delta 2.0
Drawing P7097
Drawing P7097 Delta 2.0
Drawing P7097 File Delta 2.0