Turnstile P5400

This three-armed, high turnstile is used for seperation of visitor flows in public areas. (e.g. exhibitions, stadiums, expositions etc.)


In connection with access control systems like e.g. ID readers, this turnstile regulates access to non-public areas (company buildings, offices, airports, etc.) and thus saves on personnel. 

If the P5400 turnstile is planned for outdoor installation, the system can be supplied with an additional roof construction.


Construction and execution

The P5400 turnstile is made of stainless steel and therefore offers a high mechanical load capacity, a robust appearance and an attractive design. The round bars and the safety distances between moving and fixes parts ensure safe use. In an emergency, the drive is switched off and people can bass in both directions.

Technical accessories

The P5400 can also be supplied for bi-directional operation for varying visitor flows. Acces control systems such as card readers, ID readers or hand sensors as well as a control console can be intregrated or connected. The turnstile can be equipped with an LED display to indicate release or blocking in the direction of passage.



The turnstile is mounted on level, load-bearing and finished floor. Cable entry is possible via the inside of the fixed elements.


When installing an additional roof construction outdoors, it must be ensured that there is a minimum distance of 50 cm between the turnstile and the roof, as the control unit is located in the upper housing area. This must be freely accessible for maintenance purposes.

Application fields Public areas with high visitor traffic
Example exhibitions, events, leisure parks, baths, stadiums, airports
Installation Indoors and - if adequately protected overhead -outdoors, installation on finished floor
Outer dimensions width x height = approx. 1.500 x 2.250 mm
Clearance width approx. 573 mm

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