With sustainability into the future

The time is ripe for sustainable action. In doing so, we take care to strike a balance between our economic interests and our ecological commitment. We have already implemented many measures, and many more are on the way:


With our energy generation from renewable energy sources, we reduce the emission of carbon dioxide

We have been independent of natural gas and oil since 2022. We heat our buildings with our biomass heating plant and the associated wood chip store. We fire them with residual wood from local forests - without long transport routes - and recycle pallets that are no longer needed. In this way, we reduce our own CO2 footprint twice over. In addition, we generate electricity for our buildings with a combined heat and power system. Furthermore, we are planning to equip our company roofs with a photovoltaic system to generate electricity for the production process.


We produce innovatively and sustainably

We manufacture in Weißenbrunn near the Lucas Cranach city of Kronach according to German environmental standards. For our environment, this means no unnecessary transports around the globe as well as a central and more efficient use of existing resources.

We invest in innovative production facilities. A fully automated and modern production optimises the resource consumption of energy and material.

Back to the cycle - durability and recycling

Whether aluminium, steel, stainless steel, HPL, plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, glass, cable, e-waste, biowaste and compost - for us, the life cycle of a product begins with the raw material and continues through the processing, manufacture and transport of the product as well as its useful life.

For us, the life cycle of a sustainable building product does not end with deconstruction, but forms a closed life cycle: After recycling, we return the product to a new manufacturing process. LockTec locker solutions are WEEE, REACH, RoHS and CE compliant. We can recycle all materials. At the end of the product life cycle, the systems are dismantled into their components at our plant in Hummendorf and returned to the cycle in accordance with the applicable standards and procedures.

Own bees on the company grounds

A world without bees would be unthinkable for our biodiversity and ultimately for our survival. Our own bee colonies are a project close to our hearts. We care for our bees with a lot of passion and focus on sustainability.


The trees of the forest belong to our future

Our forest is in poor condition. Heat, drought and the bark beetle have taken their toll on it in recent years. Many trees have suffered and need to be replanted. Most people are not aware that a healthy tree can produce oxygen for more than ten people. It is the most important ally in the struggle for a more CO2-friendly climate.

That is why we have decided to donate trees for reforestation year after year. In doing so, it is important to us to help our native forest.

The Franconian Forest needs new trees

"For us, as a regionally rooted group of companies, it is important that the tree planting campaign takes place here in our local forests. We want to send a clear signal of our responsibility and solidarity with the region, the people living here and future generations" (Johannes Clausen, Managing Director of LockTec GmbH, and Lukas Clausen, Managing Director of SITEC GmbH).

In April 2023, we donated over 1000 trees for climate-friendly reforestation in the Franconian Forest. Together with the town of Kronach and the Bavarian State Forests, the responsible partners planted more than 300 sweet chestnuts and over 800 sessile oaks, hornbeams, limes and wild pears in the forests near Großvichtach and Fröschbrunn in the district of Kronach.

Lockers for a green world

With the campaign "Lockers for a green world" we make a promise to our LockTec customers:

For every locker sold, we will plant five trees!

The trees are donated in spring and autumn at the traditional planting times. In doing so, we rely on the expertise of local forestry companies. These also select the tree species to be planted for a sustainable, climate-stable and ecologically sensible forest.

Awarded the silver medal by EcoVadis

2021 LockTec GmbH was awarded the silver medal in sustainability by the rating organisation EcoVadis. As part of our commitment to our society, our fellow human beings and the environment, LockTec underwent a thorough assessment of sustainability practices by EcoVadis, the global standard for sustainability ratings. The EcoVadis assessment includes 21 sustainability criteria covering four core areas: Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. In the 2021 assessment, we received a silver medal with a score of 61, placing LockTec among the top 100 companies worldwide.