Turnstile P5500

This tall and elegant turnstile is particularly suitable for external protection of buildings and factory premises as well as for regulating the flow of visitors in public places. The robust design of the P5500 guarantees a high mechanical load capacity. The man-high turnstile is used in areas where reliable and fast seperation is required.



Construction and execution

The column and the swivel arms of the P5500 are completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 and therefore offer a high mechanical strength and an attractive design. The other parts are painted in RAL 9006 white aluminium. The turnstile can be equipped with functions such as two-way operation or additional operations such as LED display, control panel, steel or glass cover with integrated lighting. Access control systems such as card readers, ID readers or hand sensors can also be intregrated. In case of power failure or fire alarm (connection possibility available) the stainless steel arms open automatically.


The sensor lock is mounted on a level, load-bearing and finished floor. Depending on the floor structure, a substructure must be provided by the customer. The power supply and a connection cable to the control panel is from below. After fixing the mounting frame, the device is screwed to it.



Application fields Public areas with high visitor traffic
Example exhibitions, events, leisure parks, baths, stadiums, airports, industrial buildings
Installation Indoors and - if adequately protected overhead -outdoors, installation on finished floor
Outer dimensions width x height = approx. 1.500 x 2.300 mm
Clearance width approx. 645 mm

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