Turnstile P5000-2

This three-armed turnstile is used to control authorised and unauthorised access. The mechanical barrier has been developed for public and semi-public entrance areas where simple but reliable seperation is desired despite high passage frequencies. Changing visitor flows in the inward or outward direction can also be easily realized.



In the basic state, the P5000-2 turnstile is locked and is only activated after receiving a signal for passage. After the cross has rotated by 60 degrees, it is no longer possible to turn back to the initial position. The passage process that has been started must therefore be completed. The turnstile P5000-2 is microprocessor controlled. The integrated controller is designed for 1- or 2-way operation and can be controlled by means of a button, card reader or control panel.

Construction and execution

The P5000-2 turnstile is made of stainless steel and therefore offers high resistance. The edges are rounded to reduce the risk of injury. The swivel holms are either permanently mounted or can be folded down electrically. The electronic is divided into two sections: the power supply and the control system. Cables are routed from the finished floor through the inside of the fixed carcass. Furthermore, the turnstile is equipped with LED indicators which show whether the holm is realeased or blocked in the direction of the passage.



The turnstile is designed for indoor use ans is mounted on finished floor. With optional roofing, the turnstile can also be used outdoors. The power supply and a possible connection cable to the control console is provided from below.

Application fields Public areas with high visitor traffic
Example Industrial and administrative buildings, events, leisure parks, baths
Installation Indoors and - if adequately protected overhead -outdoors, installation on finished floor
Outer dimensions length x width = 1.100 x 750 or 835 mm
Clearance width approx. 530 or 615 mm

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