Swing door P5100

This electronically driven swing door complements turnstile systems with the possibility of acces with prams or wheelchairs. The P5100 can be used as an entry or exit lock and is also suitable for escape routes. The rounded door leaf as well as the safety distances between moving and fixed parts ensure safe use of the P5100 swing door.



In the basic state, the P5100 swing door is locked and is only released after receiving a signal in the direction of passage. In an emergency, the closed swivel arm can be opened by hand in the direction of escape, whereby the reset must be carried out manually. An alarm signal sounds during the emergency opening. The 5100 swing door is microprocessor controlled. The integrated control is designed for 1-direction as well as 2-direction operation and can be controlled by means of a card reader provided by the customer, at the push of a button or via an integrated infrared system.

Construction and execution

The P5100 swing door is made of stainless steel and therefore offers high resistance. The bracket of the P5100 is filled with transparent acrylic glass. The electronic is divided into two sections: the power supply and the control system. The cable routing is invisible from the finshed floor to the feet of the swing door.



The swing door is designed for indoor use ans is mounted on finished floor. With optional roofing, the swing door can also be used outdoors. The power supply and a possible connection cable to the control console is provided from below.



Application fields Public areas with high visitor traffic
Example Industrial and administrative buildings, events, leisure parks, baths
Installation Indoors and - if adequately protected overhead -outdoors, installation on finished floor
Outer dimensions width x depth x height = 1.040 x 300 x 1.050 mm
Clearance width approx. 840 mm

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