Sensor lock P5240

The mechanical barrier has been developed for public and semi-public entrance areas where simple but reliable seperation is desired despite high passage frequencies. Changing visitor flows in the inward or outward direction can also be easily realized. When the sensor lock is used for authorised access control, card readers will be installed on the lock or intregratd in it.


Construction and execution

The glass swords are made of toughened safety glass (ESG), which is clear or tinted according to the customerĀ“s wishes, but can also be printed according to specifications. The top cover is made of easy-care plastic. The entire technology of the electromechanical drive, the electronic control and the optical sensor systems is intregrated into the two oval basic bodies. Only one electrical connection is required for operation. In case of power failure or fire alarm (connection possibility available), the glass swords open automatically.


In the basic state, two glass wings close the free passage. If necessary, both swivel sideways into the housing and release the passageway. Usually the sensor lock works both sides, for the entry via card reader and for the exit without special requirements. The device checks the direction of passage and allows only one person to pass at a time. In the event of unauthorized use, an audible alarm is triggered and the passageway is closed if possible. The individual operating modes can be set on the device itself by trained service technicians or, if required, directly by the local, trained operatior via control console or connected personal computer.


The sensor lock is mounted on a level, load-bearing and finished floor. Depending on the floor structure, a substructure must be provided by the customer. The power supply and a connection cable to the control panel is from below. After fixing the mounting frame, the device is screwed to it.

Application fields Public areas with high visitor traffic
Example Industrial and administrative buildings, events, leisure parks, baths, stadiums, airports
Installation Indoors and - if adequately protected overhead -outdoors, installation on finished floor
Outer dimensions width x depth x height = approx. 1.200 x 1.412 x 1.010 mm
Clearance width 560 mm (standard) or optional 900 mm for wheelchair passage

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