Container Lock P9045


The P 9045 corresponds to the BGV C9 Accident Prevention Regulations of the German Professional Administrative Association (UVV-Kassen). Execution of P 9045, both doors closed, based on FB 4 –NS or FB 6-NS.



Pressing the appropriate button on the employee side allows the corresponding door to open, displayed on the operating console by the button being lit. The doors are then electronically interlocked, i.e. only one door can be opened at a time. However, the Operator can also open both doors using a key switch, e.g. to allow longer objects to pass through.

Construction and execution

Outer frame and doors of the P 9045 container lock are made of strong sheet steel, structurally lacquered in RAL 9005, deep black, whilst the inner casing is in V2a stainless. The doors can also be finished with cladding panels by the customer – meaning that the lock can blend unobtrusively into the counter design. As a standard, the P 9045 is protected against damage from trolleys both inside to the sides, and to the doors, by buffer strips in stainless steel. The doors are designed so that they have opposite hinging, i.e. DIN-left on the employee side and DIN-right on the customer side (door hinging can be altered: please advise at order placement).


The P9045 container lock is supplied completely preassembled. To install, first remove the external door and frame, so that the unit can be pushed into the prepared wall aperture from the inside to the outside. Care should be taken at this point not to trap the cabling before screwing the external door to the frame again. The operating console with integrated controls is packed separately and should be installed in the immediate vicinity of the container lock, so that it is possible to press the buttons and open the inside door simultaneously. A 230 volt / 50 Hz socket is required to connect the lock.

Application fields Banks, Financial Institutes, Security Companies, Data Processing Centres
Installation Inside into table desk or completely plastered wall
Wall opening width x height x depth = 840 x 978 x 992 mm
Pass-through size width x height x depth = 680 x 928 x 896 mm
Version Frame and doors textured, lacquered finish in RAL 9005, jet black; casing and buffer strips in V2a stainless steel
Bullet resistance Doors following FB 4 - NS and FB 6 - NS

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