Secure Slimline Pass-Through P7048

The particularly slim design of this pass-through has been developed for use in doors.


It is principally used in banks, authorities and administration areas and optimizes work processes as the clerk does not have to leave the secure area for doing cash or document transactions. The pass-through height is 24 mm.

When the pass-through is installed e.g. in a personnel Lock, staff no longer need to leave the secure area to accept money or documents. After these items have been handed over, the pass-through is closed again.

Construction and execution

The secure slimline pass-through is manufactured from stainless steel.

Please note that a panel thickness or glass thickness of 60,5 mm is not exceeded and if possible not less than 60,5 mm. If the door leaf is thinner, we recommend an additional frame in the area of the pass-through to reach 60,5 mm.


The pass-through is fitted from outside into a prepared cut-out in the door or partition wall and screwed in on the inside.

Application fields banks and financial institutes, official authorities, administration areas
Installation in doors and partition walls inside
Outer dimensions width x height x depth = 420 x 280 x 44 mm when flap is closed (depth = 224 mm when flap is open)
Installation dimension width x height = 395 x 255 mm
Pass-through size width x height = 330 x 29 mm
Version stainless steel

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