Transfer unit P8051

This Transfer Unit is made for the inside and is mainly used for material supply in companies or for the medium distribution in data processing companies. Of course it is also installed in security zones of Financial Institutions, Central Banks and Security Companies for the delivery and/ or the collection of money. The lock is equipped ready for operation and exists out of:


  • Steel frame in textured, lacquered finish with armored glass in BR 3-S
  • Desk element on the customer’s and service side in linen structured stainless steel (easy to clean) with integrated draught reducing transfer tray P7032 in bullet-resistance class FB 4
  • Intercom system Delta 2.0 for the trouble-free communication between the inside and the outside
  • in the lower sector Transport Trolley Lock P9050, both doors closed with bullet-resistance class based on FB4-NS or FB 6-NS.


P8051 is delivered with a bullet-resistant glazing corresponding to BR 3-S but could also be equipped with other panes up to the classification BR 4 - NS. For the Transfer Tray P7032 a certificate in bullet-resistance class FB 4-NS is available; execution of the closed Trolley Lock P9050 based on bullet-resistance class FB 4-NS or FB 6-NS. The control of P9050 is secured with indicators and magnetic contacts against manipulation.


The Transfer Tray P7032 is operated manually (Installation of a P7033 with electronic drive is possible against extra charge). The activation of the blade doors of the Trolley Lock P9050, which are locked against each other (always only one door can be opened) is followed by an operating console with a status indicator.

Construction and execution

Steel-Closed frame in textured, lacquered finish in RAL 7035, lightgrey. The desk as well as the integrated Transfer Tray P7032 FB 4 (Manual Operation) in a linen structure out of stainless-steel easy to clean. The doors of the Trolley Lock P9050 are structure lacquered, the tunnel is finished in stainless steel. Instead of the plain floor, against extra charge a roller conveyor or telescopic conveyor that can be extended to both sides could be delivered. A complete, wired intercom system, ready to plug in, of the type SITEC Delta 2.0 is integrated in the system.


A wall-opening of 1000 mm (W) x 2000 mm (H) is necessary for handing-over the money. The locking element is cabled ready to plug-in, a power socket (230 Voltage) is necessary for the connection in the inside. On request we will send you installation instructions for the relatively simple installation of the system. Of course we do carry out the installation for you – just contact us!

Application fields Material supply in companies, security areas of financial institutes, central banks, security companies, medium distribution in data processing centres, etc.henzentren
Installation in completely plastered brick wall
Wall opening width x height x depth = 1.000 x 2.000 x strenght of wall ..... mm
Pass-through size transfer tray width x height x depth = 384 x 85 x 270 (150) mm
Pass-through size trolley lock width x height x depth = 454 x 504 x 600 mm
Version Textured, lacquered finish in light-grey RAL 7035, other colours on request
Bullet resistance German standard BVG C 9 (UVV-Kassen), glass in BR 3 - S, Transfer Tray and Doors of Trolley Lock following FB4 (DIN EN 1522)

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