Resistance classes according to Euro standard 1627

The individual resistance classes indicate how long a product can withstand the burglary attempt of a certain type of offender. From a low level of protection against the use of lever tools in class RC 1, to the experienced offender in class RC 6, who is characterized by the use of powerful power tools, such as a boron machine.


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Resistance class Glazing
DIN EN 356
Type of attack / Weapon Manual testing time DIN V EN 1630
RC1 / WK1 laminated safety glass Basic protection against physical violence / Vandalism: Counter-entry, push, jump. Only low protection against lever tools -
RC2 / WK2 P4 A Protection against physical violence and simple tools such as screwdrivers, wedges, pliers, jigsaw, blade or ironing saw 3 - 15 min              
RC3 / WK3 P5 A

In addition: hand drill, lock hammer, screwdriver, cowbar 

5 - 20 min
RC4 / WK4 P6 B

Additional use of sawing and impact tools, such as hammer axe, chisel, hammer, bolt cutter, sheet metal shears, chisel, cordless drill

10 - 30 min
RC5 / WK5 P7 B

Experienced offender: Additional use of power tools, such as drilling machine, jigsaw or sabre saw and angle grinder

15 - 40 min
RC6 / WK6 P8 B

Experienced offender: Additional use of even more powerful power tools

20 - 50 min