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Embassies, consulates and institutions of international organisations

Terrorism, organised crime, military conflicts or violent excesses during riots are potential threats diplomatic missions abroad and offices of international organisations like UNO and NATO have to count with. The protection of employees and staff should have first priority.

From times of Cold War to the opening of former bloc-countries in the 1990s to the new challenges through terrorism in the new century, SITEC is a reliable partner with more than 35 years of experience in securing embassies and consulates - globally!

On the one hand, SITEC can offer you preventive systems, as secured entrances and personnell access locks with metal detectors to prevent armed people from being able to enter the building. On the other hand, SITEC is also your partner for delivering and installing the suitable protective device against external attacks with firearms or incendiary compositions.

Have a look at our concluded projects regarding embassies and consulates in the following.

You can get an impression of the diversity and variety of our projects abroad on our interactive google maps world map.

German Embassy Riad, Saudi Arabia

SITEC delivered and installed:

  • 4 VISA-Counters
  • bullet- and burglary resistant entrance lock
  • escape door
  • access door staircase
  • bullet- and burglary resistant solid glazed windows
  • bullet- and burglary resistant glazing of porter's cabin
  • bullet-and burglary resistant door of porter's cabin
  • burglary resistant access doors amd window elements for porter's cabin
  • transfer trays and intercom systems

German Embassy Manama, Bahrain

Our scope of delivery:

  • Entrance area with turnstiles and porter's lodge
  • VISA-counters
  • Personnel lock
  • Bullet and burglary resistant exterior windows and doors



German Embassy Kolkata, India

As part of the first construction stage SITEC manufactured and installed:

  • The access area with porter's office, individual access and fence plants
  • locker systems,
  • VISA-counters and
  • safety doors in the entrance area


During the second stage we build the access and access road to the chambers' area:

  • Entire porter's office,
  • vehicle lock with sliding gate and fence plants
Botschaftsgebäude während der Bauphase
Fertig gestelltes Botschaftsgebäude
Eingang zum Visabereich
Zaunanlage am Pförtnerhaus

German Embassy Abidjan, Ivory Coast

In September 2008, at the German Embassy Abidjan (Ivory Coast) extensive structural alteration works were finished. SITEC GmbH constructed, manufactured and installed not only the visually very attractive, new guard-house but also the electrical sliding door as well as the fence system as lock into the entrance area. In the Chancelor's building security doors and windows were installed; the electronic control systemswere also delivered and installed by SITEC.


Front View of the German Embassy Abidjan
Electrical Sliding Door
Fence System as Lock
Aluminium Cladding made by SITEC

German Embassy Cairo, Egypt



SITEC delivered and installed:

  • VISA-Counters including furnishings
  • security partition walls
  • completely glazed discretion cabins
  • exterior doors, facade- and window elements
  • access balcony as steel construction with lasttis fence and sunshade
  • modification of existing window and door elements
  • control- and intercom systems

German Embassy Damaskus, Syria

We delivered and installed:

  • Porters' lodges with bullet-resistant glazing
  • VISA-Counters with DELTA intercom system
  • Rounded down table desk with integrated bullet-resistant Transfer Tray P 7038
  • VISA-Counters with DELTA intercom system
  • Break-in- and bullet-resistant Security Doors
  • Rotary Turnstile for person control
German Embassy Damaskus, Syria
Canopy with design of rounded down baldachin
Outside view of Porters' Window
Counter with Transfer Tray P 7038
View of rounded down stainless steel table desk
Rotary Turnstile

Planner:       Architects Jäckle, Laube, Zamani          Friedbergstraße 1          D - 14057 Berlin, Germany


British Consulate General Düsseldorf

Delivery and Installation of Counters, Table Desks, Partition Walls, Doors, Transfer Trays and Intercommunication  Systems


Attractive Design of Counters
Working Place
Bright, pleasant Waiting Area