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Courts, secure access areas in public buildings

Our current project 'Security in court-houses' shows many solutions for how public areas with SITEC's intelligent security technology can protect against attacks - but of course with appealing designs.

That is what our following projects show:

German Local and District Court Coburg

SITEC improved the access security in the Local and District Court in Coburg.

During the extensive renovation and redisigning works, SITEC delivered and installed:

  • Handicapped  accessible personnel lock
  • Device for x-raying luggage
  • Lifting platform for wheelchair users
  • Security doors and partition walls
  • the complete porter's lodge



The entrance area of Coburg' Court BEFORE the renovation
Newly designed entrance area
Personnel lock with spacious interior room

Cottbus Justice Centre

The justice centre is described in a press release dd 25.07.2013 by the State of Brandenburg as 'currently the most secure public justice building in the country'.

SITEC delivered and installed:

the entrance area consisting of

  • porter's lodge, 
  • interlock doors and
  • personnel interlocks with metal detectors

Higher Regional Court Bamberg

Construction project: "improvement of security conditions in the Higher Regional Court in Bamberg" with reorganisation of the entrance area listed for preservation.

SITEC produced and delivered:

  • Partition wall elements with automatic sliding door systems as entrance- and exit lock, execution following the structural inventory (increased degree of difficulty: free-standing elements in the entrance area listed for preservation)
  • Modification of existing partition wall elements for installation of new sliding door systems
  • Access control/operation panel
  • Programmable controller for entrance- and exit lock with operator panel for the porter

District Court Amberg


 SITEC delivered and installed the security lock P 6050 light.




Current project: Court- and Criminal court center Würzburg

Access area with anti-tailgating personnel locks, carousel revolving door, sliding door and revolving door system, escape systems, bullet- and fire-resistant porter's cabins with great requests on the design!

Depot lock system, partition walls, personnel guidance system, door controlling system



German Local Court Olpe

Porters' lodge and Personnel Access Locks with metal detection, X-ray machine


German Local Court Meschede

Partition Wall System in the Porters' Area in FB4 WK3
Table Desk Element with SITEC Transfer Tray P 7032/O (for files)
Letter Box System
Automatic Sliding Door (Entrance), connected to Lock Door,
Rotary Lock ROTOLINK (Exit)


Automatic Sliding Door - closed
View of Table Desk with Transfer Tray P 7032/O
Letter Box System
Rotary Lock as exit of court

German Local Court Borbeck

Entrance Area with Metal Detector
Porters' Lodge
Exit Area with Personnel Access Lock ROTOLINK and Escape Door


Outside of Court Building
Inside View of Lock System
Personnel Access Lock ROTOLINK
Entrance to Porters' Lodge

German Higher Social Court Essen

Entrance Area with X-ray machine and Personnel Access Lock ROTOLINK with Metal Detector
Porters' Lodge with Counter System, Transfer Tray and Intercommunication System DELTA
Exit Areay with two Rotary Locks ROTOLINK and Escape Door


Higher Social Court Essen
Turn-Key Project made by SITEC
Counter System with Transfer Tray and Intercom System DELTA
View of Inside of Porters' Lodge
Exit Lock Rotolink

German Administrative Court Düsseldorf

Public Prosecutor's Department Essen

Entrance Lock System with Personnel Access Lock, X-ray machine and Porters' Lodge


View of Entrance Area
View from inside to outside
Rotary Lock Rotolink with X-ray Machine